mercredi 9 mars 2011

Salut à tous

Please be informed : 
We are an independent company representing our belief and love in the Do It Yourself ethic. We are one of the many "tips on the iceberg" in underground music and its community. We, as a company, implore you to get involved and to discover independent bands, distro's, record labels, zines, collectives and to also involve yourself in the more political aspects of our scene; human rights, animal liberation, and much more. Be active and support your scene!

We worked with :
Appollonia (fr) - Burn Hollywood Burn (fr) - The Christpunchers (ie) - Dead Like Me (fr) - The Disgrazia Legend (it) - Garyskc (fr) - Gerda (it) - Hashkina (fr) - Incoming Cerebral Overdrive (it) - Kohlhaas (fr) - Nekhen (fr) - The Rodeo Idiot Engine (fr) - The Solexine Chapter (fr) - Storm{o} (it) - Supermarket (fr) - Valmara (fr) - Yurakane (fr) - Zubrowska (fr)...